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  • Testimonial | Quick Books Integration Our small business was having a tough time working with Quick Books in a cohesive manner. We only have 5 employees but somehow we could not get it together, until we contacted Nayar and Company.
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Comprehensive Audit Services For Private and Public Companies

At Nayar & Co our approach to deliver audit accounting services is always risk-based, industry specific, and tailored to our client’s particular operational structure. Our ability to deliver high quality Audit Services is based on our team’s strong understanding of the business process, accounting policies, internal control, and financial reporting issues specific to each of our clients and their respective industries and sectors.

Our experienced business advisers (CPA’s) provide timely, accurate and comprehensive audit services for private and public companies of all sizes with our specialized industry expertise.

Proactive Audits Provide Assurance

Proactive coordination and communication on a day to day basis and in regulatory scheduled meetings with management is a vital component of our approach to delivering audit services. We believe in keeping our clients informed of accounting developments that will impact their business. We believe that a successful audit requires ongoing communication with our clients.

Audit Accounting Client Centered

Our approach and delivery of audit accounting services truly keeps your interests in mind.  This approach enables clients to choose how we can save them as a single firm rather than separate audit, tax, and adjustments.

We can customize our audit based accounting to meet every clients needs. Regardless of what services your company needs, we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Reviews & Compilations

We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company’s profitability and efficiency. We provide financial reporting on two levels of assurance:

  • Review – some analytical procedures conducted with limited assurance
  • Compilation – based upon client information provided and used primarily for internal use

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